Wondered if this day was ever going to get here……

by Rose

Yesterday was a big day for me.
The trucking company arrived at my Dads house around 2am to pickup our 48′ dry van trailer to transport it to Jucinto Port in Houston, Texas. We didn’t have much trouble getting the trailer turned around and out of the yard, considering it was still dark out with limited lighting.
We departed around 3am on our journey to Houston. I followed the truck driver in our Chevy Tracker SUV, as it was going to sail down on the same ship as the trailer. My Dad rode with me and we had a good ride down. It is nice driving early in the mornings, not much traffic on the roads.
When we arrived at the port they wouldn’t let us in because we arrived at 6:30 am. The port opens at 7:30 am. So we pulled over to the side of road and visited with the truck driver who brought our dry van down.
I took the license plates off the trailer because I have to turn them into the state. I was a little surprised when I opened the doors of the dry van trailer, to get my tools to remove the plates. It looked like…. someone packed the inside of the dry van, VERY well! After 230+ miles of rough road and several jars, everything looked as though it hadn’t moved at all.
I was a little proud of myself and more than likely the only reason everything looked liked it had not moved was because we had prayed over everything. I had prayed that Father keep everything in place, so nothing would get damaged. I really expected that.
I praise Yahweh for answered prayers.
We also had safe travels there and back. No trouble getting van or car dropped off  in the port or getting a rental car, to use for the next few days. Our trucker was included in the blessing just as we asked…
Today, things look different around my Dads place, the big orange trailer that was like a privacy fence between his house and my brother Clint’s house is gone.
Wide open spaces…
I will clean the few remains of garbage and debris up this morning where the trailer had sat and I hope it will look the same as it did a year ago when we first parked the trailer there. (Thank you Brenda and Clint for allowing us to put that large obnoxiously orange trailer there for so so long!)
I feel a little sadness today, as the reality sets in.
Tomorrow morning we will depart for Houston to fly to our new home, Panama. It will be a very different life and one which I look forward to experiencing. As my eyes tear, I must change my thoughts…
Gotta go, write more later.
Thanks for reading.