Do you think finding a goat to buy is easy in Panama…?

by Rose

You think it would be easy to find a goat to buy in Panama. (Heck, in the states, you get on the internet or go to the local feed store and find all varieties of goats for sale…You could even get on Craigslist and find goats for free!) However, finding a goat to buy in Panama is not an easy task.

My parents wanted to buy goats several years ago and looked high and low. They spread the word throughout the community. However, no goats were to be found.  My Mother recollects the day her and my Father were driving down the road and saw a truck, pulling a trailer with goats in it. My Father sped ahead, swerving through the busy country roads and chasing after the man’s vehicle, like he was a police officer in a high-speed chase. The story has it; my Father pulled alongside the man and frantically flagged him down. (I am sure the driver of the truck thought, what is the matter with this loco gringo???) The native Panama man warily got out of his truck and after being questioned about his goats firmly told my Father he had none for sale and slipped back in to his vehicle and sped away.

After more months of searching, my parents found some pygmy goats for sale and thought, do we have to settle with these little goats? They did not settle and perseverance held off and their workers friend sold them two 3 month old does for $50.00 a piece.

Meet Blackie (aka Exotica) – She is a La Mancha Cross

Meet Whitie (aka Blanca)- She is an Alpine Cross

So when I got here, I turned the goat search up a notch. I advertised online in Panama Craigslist and in “Gringos in David”, an ex-pat website. I also had my Mother question our worker daily… “Do you know of any goats for sale????”

Finally after much perseverance and prayer, I had two leads about goats for sale which
both came from the internet. The first lead fell through, the second was fruitful!

The lovely young couple selling the goats had moved from the states to Panama four years ago.
They now wanted to raise only purebred Saanen goats and were culling their herd of all mixed breeds (most who were pregnant and ready to lamb). The goats they had were larger than the first two my parents bought and some produced up to 3 liters of milk a day, during peak production time.

We came home with four of the best goats they had for sale. They were large bodied, pregnant (the does had been bred to their handsome purebred Saanen of good size they had purchased from Costa Rica), had a history of good milk production, had nice set bags and even teats.

Here are three of the girls we brought home on 10/17/2011:

Meet Fanny and Olive-An Alpine Cross and Toggenburg Cross

Meet Agnes – A  Toggenburg Cross

After a few days, my Mother and I talked it over and decided we ought to purchase the rest of the goats they were selling.

My concerns were the rest of the goats for sale were a motley crew indeed. One had mammoth teats, another had three teats, one had a low set udder,  one had a bad eye, another had an abscess… Well, you are starting to see the picture… However that being said, I knew the difficulty of finding goats in general in Panama and 6 of the remaining 7  were pregnant, so that was something.  All I could do was pray the Almighty bless us with baby girl kids, who would have better udders and teats than their mothers.

So on 10/27/2011 we bought the remaining seven goats and a two month old purebred Saanen buck.

Here is Steve after we loaded the goats in the truck bed

Meet our two month old buck,”Samson Camillo” who rode home in the back seat

Dad, Steve and Danilo our worker heading the goats to the pasture

My Father leading the girls into their new home

The beautiful “Cabra Casa” ( goat house) – Steve built-in preparation for the new additions to our family

Thank you, Steve!

I think you all might agree with me, it looks like we are very slowly on the way to being a goat farm!

Good night my dear ones.

Love ~Rose