A Quote on the Simple Life

by Rose

“But the simple life, alas, once you try to lead it, leads you into all this complication!…”
–John Seymour, The Fat of the Land, 1960–

For the last couple of weeks, I have had the resounding thought that in my pursuit of living a simple life,  my life has gotten more complex. Stumbled upon this quote  by John Seymour this evening (first on a goat forum and then again on another lovely blog about self-sufficiency; see www.penybanc.com). Apparently,  I was not the first to have had this thought, (though my reasons differ slightly from John Seymour).

We have been working from sun-up to almost sun-down on the farm. So much to do, so little time.

Milking goats, bottle feeding baby goats, caring for sick animals (suspected mastitis in Thelma and Marilynn, Mabel’s abscess burst today-needed cleaned, Samson has a cold-giving him Echinacea and Astragalus), caring for all the various animals, training horses, amending the goat house, gardening, hanging out clothes on the line (no electricity here-except when we run the generator during certain times of day), cooking and cleaning, taking my Father to his therapy appointments twice a week and then spending an entire afternoon afterwards in town running errands, etc. etc.

(Where does it all end…?)

But then again, there is this:

“I know the modern…worker is supposed to lead an “easier” life than, say, a French peasant.

But I wonder if this supposition is correct.

And I wonder if, whether “easier” or not, it is a better life?

(Is it) Simpler? Healthier? More spiritually satisfying? or not?

I don’t wonder very long.”

–John Seymour, The Fat of the Land, 1960–

Life on the farm…

Simpler. Sometimes. Healthier. Definitely. More spiritually satisfying. Absolutely.

I do not have to wonder very long either…

I must admit nothing feels better than working outside all day-clad in just a t-shirt, little cotton shorts and squeaky black rubber boots that almost touch my knees, working my body as it was created to do, breathing fresh country air, feeling the warmth of black soil in my hand, milking goats by hand in the evening, as I listen to the birds singing praises to the Creator and the gurgling of the stream and feeling a gentle breeze blowing my hair in my face.

Would not trade it for the world.

And one final quote for the evening by John Seymour:

“If a man does not undertake some really hard and even violent manual work fairly often he becomes soft, his arteries harden, his heart weakens, he puts on fat, he develops blood pressure, his liver gets hob-nailed – I hate to think what he looks like inside.

And outside he doesn’t look much better.”

I have dropped 25 pounds in two months without even trying. My blood pressure is down and hopefully things are looking better inside and out!

That all being said, I hope you can make your life a little simpler… (Moving to another country and/or living on a farm is not for everyone! But comes highly recommended.)

A few ideas on how to bring simplicity into your life:

    1. Evaluate your time; Spend more time with the people you love and doing the things you love.
    2. Get rid of clutter and excess; Look for items you do not use or wear in your house. Search your cupboards, closets and garage. Let everything have its place.
    3. Learn to say no; Don’t take on too much. Spend your time doing things that bring value and meaning to your life.
    4. Limit your time on the computer, iPad, iPhone and/or in front of the television. Read more.
    5. Be present; Focus on the here and now-Live in the moment-Be aware of what is happening within and around you.

Would you share how you keep your life more on the simple side? (Would love to hear your ideas!)

Good night each and every one of you. You are all near and dear to my heart.

Sweet dreams~Rose