Goat Hooves (The Newest Challenge)

by Rose

After obtaining our new goats at the end of last month and making out a list of monthly goat care, I realized all of them were due for a hoof trim or perhaps overdue…

So where to start…? I have never trimmed a goat hoof before. So I have  researched “how to trim a goat’s hoof” after looking at a half-dozen or so goat websites and watching a dozen YouTube videos on hoof trimming… All of the information was very helpful. I do have a pretty good idea on how to do it, but looking at our goats hooves and their goats hooves, well things look different… The other thing is, I am afraid of laming one of the goats, but then on the other hand, I am thinking that by not trimming some of these girls, they could go lame. (Now our worker, Danilo trimmed some of their hooves and we were afraid he was taking too much off, so Smith gave it a go and took off even less… but after we watched the videos, we thought perhaps we were not taking enough off at once.. Though I understand that you need to trim back overgrown hooves over a period of time.) I also am afraid some may have hoof scald or possibly hoof rot (Though I cannot smell any bad odor at this time.) Right now in Panama it is the rainy season and this is the wetest month of all… (It is good summer and drier weather is right around the corner).

In Panama, you do not have the resources like you do in the states… As I blogged before it was hard to find our goats and it may be harder still to find someone who has some wisdom in caring for hooves.  When our vet came out a month, we were asking about recommendations of whom to have trim our horses hooves and he basically said to find the lesser of the evils. (Oh great!) I do have a couple local leads, I am following up on and I am going to appeal to some on-line goat forums for assistance as well. Perhaps I just need a good courage booster and to just give it a go…?

I did snap a few pictures yesterday of some of the hooves of the goats that were limping, so you all get an idea of what I am talking about. (I have been washing these gals hooves off twice a day with soap and water, then drizzling hydrogen peroxide on their hooves.)

Marilynns Front Left Hoof

Marilynns Front Left Hoof Bottomside

Marilynns Back Left Hoof

Marliynns Back Left Hoof Bottomside

Whities Front Right Hoof Bottomside

If anyone has any ideas, please H-E-L-P, offer comments and/or suggestions. I appreciate your time.

On a side note, my Father has been very feeling poorly the last week. He has a horrible hacking cough that has gotten worse and feels achy all over. Smith and my Mother are in town right now, taking him to his physician. Please keep him in your prayers (as well as for someone to help us with the girls hooves!).

I hope you all have a blessed week.

Good Night, Rose