Mabel had Two Kids!

by Rose

Finally after looking at Mabel every day for the last two weeks, thinking this is gonna be the day she will lamb…. I went out to the “Cabra Casa” (Goat house) and there were two snowy white kids by her. A little girl and boy! (But phooey, I  was  a little bummed I had missed the birthing… I really have enjoyed being there with the other two Mamas when they had lambed).

Meet Baby Girl “Zelda”

And Miss Zelda and Her Floppy Eared Brother

Well, here is my good news for the day- (And  more good news, my Father went to the ER last night and feels much better today! Thank you all for your prayers and well wishes… You are all dear to me.)

Shalom shalom (Perfect Peace)~Rose