The Finished Milking Barn and Liters of Milk to Spare!

by Rose

I just thought I would update you all on the “temporary milk barn”. It has been up and operational for several weeks now and it has made the milking process much EASIER, more ORGANIZED and very CLEAN.

The Milking Barn with Viola (front), Stella (back left) and Thelma (back right)

Bessie (far left back), Viola (front left) and Olive (front right)

We added river rock around the milking barn to help prevent mud and to keep hooves dry (Our friend Mike had rocks around his goats pen, so thanks to him for this great idea! It looks nice and it a lot less slippery than before. We love it!)

Samson (far back left), Marilyn (front) and Stella wanting to get through the door and eat some food too!

The milking Mamas are brought through this gate to the feeding area to eat before being milked

The Mamas are then chained from their collars while they eat and wait their turn to be milked

This has really helped a lot with the numerous battles over food. Before we tried to make sure everyone had enough food in separate dishes, while the more aggressive and dominant Mamas would try to take over as many food dishes as they could… There would be no end to the skirmishes and it made milking time stressful, for milk maids and those needing to be milked. Now everything runs like a well oiled machine! Organized and smoothly.

Plus the concrete flooring in the milking area makes things much very clean. (HalleluYah!)

(If there are any other goat owners, who have questions about what we would different with this design, please leave a comment and I will get back to you, as there are one or two small things I would do differently. However this milking barn is “temporary” and we plan on having a larger structure by next year.)

When it is time to bring the next Mama in, she comes through the gate on the far left to the milking stanchion

When Thelma is finished being milked, she will go out the third gate (which cannot be seen in this picture) to the pasture

Whitie says “You all come and visit me soon!”

Fresh creamy goats milk

Currently we  have more milk than we need at this time. In spite of the four of us consuming milk and the fresh queso blanco we make from it and selling it the neighbors in our community, we truly have liters of milk to spare.

If you do not know about the benefits of goat milk here is an excellent link about how superior goat milk is versus cow milk:

Frankly, I had never tried goats milk until a year ago. I had friends who sometimes milked for their neighbors and they always tried to get me to try the milk, but I never did. I had a goat cheese once and it was very pungent in smell and taste. It tasted like a smelly old goat. Disgusting. So all I could remember was that bad experience. (If proper cleanliness is followed during milking, sterilizing of containers and a quick cooling of the milk is done, there should never be a “bad” taste to goat milk/goat milk cheese.)

Now I love pouring a pitcher of our goats fresh creamy milk over my cereal every morning and sprinkling fresh queso blanco cheese over a leafy green salad or crumbling it over homemade macaroni and cheese. Yummers. I cannot imagine going back to drinking cows milk or particularly eating orange colored cheddar cheese.

I am very excited to experiment in the future with different cheeses and yogurt, as well as making goat milk kefir (a project I am currently working on! If you do not know about the probiotic and health benefits of kefir please click here:

If you are interested in buying goat milk, please contact me, so we can arrange a meeting. At this time, we are planning to be in Volcan every Friday afternoon with fresh goat milk for sale.

I hope you have a blessed and joyous weekend, surrounded by family and friends and all of those whom you love and hold dear.

Scripture thought for the day:

“Not to us, O Yahweh, not to us but to your name be the glory, because of your love and faithfulness.” Psalm 115:1.

Always yours, Rose