The Greenhouse: Getting those Greens Under Control!

by Rose

Our worker, Danilo, had been in charge of starting and tending the vegetables in the greenhouse for my parents the last several years. He had planted some tomatoes, green peppers and Romaine several months ago, but after that the garden had been sorely neglected. The whole greenhouse was overgrown with weeds and the established herbs were overgrown.

It had been my plan since we first moved here, to make the greenhouse my “baby”, but due to priorities and time constraints it was low on the priority list. During the last two weeks however,  I have started taking control of the greenhouse.

 The “Greenhouse”

Our greenhouse is made of bamboo and covered with plastic. It is not beautiful but it works. Its main function is to protect the vegetables from the heavy rains during the rainy season. (My cousin in Hawaii has a fancy greenhouse and maybe one day we will have one like his! Something to aspire to!)

The Tomato Plants

A Closer View of the Tomato Plants

Our First Green Pepper

Our little bunches of Romaine

Lines of Green Pepper and Romaine

Starting Seeds in Egg Cartons

I am excited about the garden! I am looking forward to harvesting some green peppers and tomatoes later this week. I am also hoping all my little seedlings will sprout right up and I get all of the assorted lettuces, cucumbers and beans planted as soon as I can.

 And meet Dina our new calico kitty-She is watching me work in the greenhouse


An Update on My Father

I took my Father back to the doctor today, a week and a half after his second surgery to get the pathology results.

The doctor told us he has grade III angiosarcoma. Angiosarcoma is a  form of sarcoma, that can occur anywhere in the body but generally in the soft tissues near the blood or lymphatic vessels. It is a rare, reoccuring aggressive type of cancer. Of all the cancers my Father could have gotten, he got one, we are really going to have to give one helluva fight. (I think it may have been caused by exposure to Agent Orange…???) The doctor was also able to feel another mass near where he just removed the mass a week and a half ago… So in such a short time, it is already growing.

We are going to make an appointment tomorrow and  plan on taking him to the Oncology Institute in Panama City next week to meet with the oncologist and radiation oncologist to discuss treatment options. I am all for natural and alternative treatments, but I think we need to be as aggressive as this cancer is and give traditional medicine a go as well. In the meantime we are keeping my Father on a “detox”, by continuing a raw food diet with of carrot juice and green smoothies, as well as several different herbs.

Several Rainforest Herbs I harvested out of our yard that help fight cancer!

Thank you all for your continued support and prayers.

If you are interested to learn more about angiosarcoma click here:

The New Kids on the Block

I did have good news when I got home tonight…

Check out the Queen of the Goats-Miss Fanny and her two new daughters!

Meet Francis and Fern-Check out their royal “Neck Jewelry” (The neck waddles!)

I love each and every one of you.

( And let us aim to-Live well… Love much… Laugh often…)