Gertrude and Her Girl- Meet Joy!

by Rose

This morning Gertrude went off into the far pasture by herself around 0600 well before the normal time the Mamas go off to eat well on the tall green grasses. So I went out to look for her and after walking the entire pasture perimeter, I found her tucked into a little valley of earth and rocks with a wet bloody baby at her side!

Miss Gertrude with her new daughter Joy

We are continuing to feel blessed with all the girl babies we have had the last week, for a total of five females and one male! Go team!

Here are Miss Fanny’s baby girls almost a week old now!

 Stella was sitting out in the sun with her little trio this morning with a smug smile!

Update on my Father

My parents went to Panama City this morning and met with a highly recommended oncologist. I spoke with both of my parents this afternoon and they are very impressed with the oncologist. He is going to review my Fathers labs, scans, x-rays and will consult with him next week, to recommend an appropriate treatment.

My Father also has been feeling a little “better” the last few days, with more energy and less coughing. He also feels the tumor, which had grown up so quickly by where the last two were removed is “smaller”. HalleluYah!

We are continuing him on a “detox” diet of raw foods, mainly greens with green smoothies and plenty of carrot and beet juice. I am also continuing to harvest the fresh rainforest plants that have been used by the native people to fight cancer. He has lost some weight, but as I already stated feels “better”.

Thank you all for your continued support and prayers.

Summer has come to Panama the last week and the weather here is absolutely beautiful. I wish I could send you all a bit of warm weather from down south.


 In the meantime I am going to keep taking care of  my baby kids…