Sloth Me or Sloth Me Not (Not Kristen Bells Reaction!)

by Rose

This week we made a new friend, Raquel and went to her home for Scripture study today. This was our first visit to her home and she immediately introduced us to a varied assortment of animals, whom she has rescued over the years; from a toucan to an owl to coatimundis to a monkey to other native animals of Panama.

Before we left her home today, she came out with yet another creature, a sloth named Kiera!

Have you hugged a sloth today?

Kiera thinks to quietly to herself: Omg- I think I love this woman!

….And I think I could love you too!

If any of you all come to Panama to visit us in the future, I am sure Raquel would love to show you her rescued animals and Kiera would definitely love to give you a hug!

Addendum on February 9, 2011:

I just read on my friends FB page, about Kristen Bell’s “meltdown” over the excitement of being in close proximity to a sloth. Trust me, I did not have that much emotion, in fact, perhaps I was in tears on the inside because I really did not desire to touch it.

When Smith recounts the story about me and the sloth, he says Rose was asked if she wanted to hold the sloth and she said “Uhhhh. I don’t think so.”  and when asked again to hold the sloth she said “Ummmm. No. That is okay.”  (And then the sloth is put in her arms.)

And the next thing I know, there are these stiff open arms of the sloth open wide and coming towards me and as it approaches my shoulders, its arms close around me, in a kind of slow motion and there we are-well- hugging…. “OH, okay” … I think to myself… “I am hugging a sloth.” (Trust me, this was not on the bucket list!) I muster a couple smiles for the camera and then I ask that Miss Kiera the sloth be deattached from my arms! (No offense Miss Kiera, you were a lovely and polite sloth as sloths go…)

And Kristen Bell, I don’t understand your passion for such a random animal, but God love you! If you haven’t seen the video of Kristen Bell on the Ellen show, here it is:

  Around the Farm

  •  My Father still has not started treatment. He sees another Dr next week for another consultation. He is still praying and seeking wisdom on how to fight back. Pray he is given clarity on this. In the meantime, it is trips to Panama and trips back to the farm.
  • My Father-in-law did not have a heart attack and had no new blockages. (Big Amen!) His chest pain was caused by overexertion only. Thank you for your prayers for him.
  • This week I had eaten out at one of our favorite restaurants and within a few hours had horrible GI upset with fever, for a total of two and a half days. During that time I drank plenty of water and drank kefir smoothies only. I felt I put kefir to the test and I was pleased with the results. I did not have to see a physician, but was prepared to if my symptoms continued for a total of 36 hours, and it saved my body having to take antibiotics or other medications. (For those of you who don’t know what kefir is: kefir is an ancient cultured milk which is full of good bacteria and yeast, which has been proven to kill bacteria like E. Coli and H. Pylori.)

Overall, everything is well here on the farm. It is summer now and the temperatures on the mountain are in the 80’s with a cool breeze. Life is good. We feel very blessed.

I pray you all are doing well, doing what you love and are as happy as we are.

“And also that every man should eat and drink, and enjoy the good of all his labor,                          it is the gift of God.” 

Ecclesiastes 3:13

Loving you from the midst of Panama~ Rose