A Visit with My Daughter and My Father Flies to Tijuana, Mexico

by Rose

Good day dear readers. I hope you all are well and blessed. I have missed sharing with you the last couple of weeks.

My daughter came to visit us last week and it was a joyful reunion! She is 8 months pregnant and we were very excited to get to finally meet Gabriel Lee. Unfortunately my son-in-law was not able to come due to work constraints, but we are hoping after the baby is born, all three of them will come down together. We look forward to having them all here!

My daughter and Mom on the Atv for a ride down our road

Steve and Scoot

Taking a break under shady trees by the creek

My Father flew to Tijuana, Mexico yesterday.

We had been praying for direction in the treatment of his cancer. I have always been an advocate for natural alternative treatments after many years of seeing the suffering and severe side effects from the chemotherapy and radiation that was given at the U of W Medical Center, besides my personal religous views on the matter. However I encouraged my Father, to do what he felt he needed to do, whether it was traditional chemotherapy or alternative treatment. Cancer is aggressive and needs aggressive approaches, whether you choose a traditional or alternative approach. I believe how a person chooses to fight cancer or not fight cancer  is a personal decision and no one can answer what is best for another to do, particularly if we have never walked in those shoes.

So as most of you already know, my Father began his treatment at home with alkalizing foods, cancer fighting herbs, juicing, green smoothies, etc…

My Father then pursued consultations with different oncology doctors in Panama City in January for traditional chemotherapy and radiation treatments. After a few weeks of consultations and trips back and forth to Panama City, he decided to stay home and continue with and pursue other natural alternative treatments for a couple of weeks and wanted to see what happened.

After the two weeks, I told him “You need to do something because the tumor in your neck is getting bigger and I am not sure if it is just getting bigger from cancer or inflammation of cancer cells getting killed, but I think you need to do something more aggressive.” My Father was looking at natural protocols for killing cancer, but not following a protocol in totality… And it was driving me crazy. Plus I thought even if he wanted to follow a holistic natural alternative treatment, he needed a doctor or coach that could counsel him and give him the best advice for fighting cancer. All of the natural alternative protocols he was reading about, stated this was one of the most important things to do.

The shortly after this, we were at the Farmers Market in Volcan, a week and a half ago, a woman came up to us, looking for the person, who had cancer. My Mother told her, “Well my husband has cancer…” So the woman sat down and told us about the cancer treatment she had and that she was now “cured of cancer”. She had been diagnosed with multiple myeloma, a cancer of the plasma cells and was found to have a couple of tumors in her bone. She had received a treatment in Tijuana called IPT (Insulin Potentiation Therapy). After her treatments, she was found to be cancer free per her blood work and her scans showed there was no more metastasis (she showed us her bloodwork and scan report). Her traditional Dr had told her “I did not want you to go to Tijuana, but I am so glad you did. I could not have done what they did for you.” She also boasted she had absolutely no side effects from the treatment. So after we met her we checked into IPT treatment by searching the internet.

An IPT treatment would look something like this: You are given a dose of insulin, which drops your blood sugar, to a very low-level of around 30. You are then given intravenous traditional chemotherapy at about 1/10th of a dose. You are then given dextrose to raise your blood sugar to a normal level.

The idea is when the insulin is given- it targets the cancer cells because cancer cells have highly active insulin receptors. The chemotherapy then targets the cancer cells more specifically. Thus the chemotherapy is much more potent, much less chemotherapy can be used and little to no side effects is experienced. So after hearing this woman’s testimony and our prayers for direction, my Father decided to pursue ITP treatment. It made sense to all of us. It does not have the severe debilitating side effects of chemotherapy and he will be able to continue with any other alternative treatment, as well as receiving IV vitamins, minerals and supplements at the clinic.

Here is a link to Dr Garcia Perez and about IPT, if you would like more info: http://www.iptldmd.com/medical-services/how-iptld-treatment-you.html

We continue to be ever hopeful and appreciate all of your support and prayers.

My Father in the greenhouse before leaving for Mexico

Keep me posted on how you all are doing… I would love to hear from you!

Yours always, whether near or far~Rose