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Month: December, 2012

Horsing Around~Meridian and Samson

I thought I would share a couple videos of our horse and goat.
They are up to some new antics these days!

Makes me laugh a little each time I watch it. Sam the goat loooooves Meridian.

And Meridian is sure wishing Sam were another horse… They learning to make the best of the situation.

Love you all and be blessed~ Rose

For All the Snake Lovers– Can You Correctly Identify This Viper?

According to our blog statistics we get dozens of  hits every week from people searching for information about the snakes of Central America.

I thought I would share with you some of the most recent photos and video of a snake which was killed recently on the property.


Danilo and the Viper


Eeeks– Look at those fangs and notice the venom on the machete


A close up of the vipers head


A close up the skin


Bad kitty, Hey Ed keep away from the snake!

Can you correctly identify this viper?