Stewart has Surgery and I Adopt Another Kitten

by Rose

This year we participated once again in the monthly Spay and Neuter Clinic of Volcan hosted by Dottie Atwater with Dr Tello of Costa Rica (and their group of faithful volunteers!). They do a great job and are staying busier every month, as more Panamanians are realizing the importance of sterilizing their pets.

Here is a link to the clinic website to learn more about how the Clinic serves the community and/or to donate to this good cause:

stewart on the table

Stewart after his anesthesia and dreaming peaceful dreams (Our friends dog, Peggy is passed out beside him)!

Steve waiting

Steve patiently waiting it all to be done, so we can go out for lunch!

Mom holding Stewart

My Mother rubbing sleepy Stewart to help wake him up after surgery- What a good Grandma!

Maritza and her dog

Maritza looking at Peggy with love


Here is Maritza holding the kitten I adopted at the clinic whom had been found abandoned by a church


Here is Stewart and Suzy-Q a day after surgery and already friends! (Look twice for Suzy she blends right in!)

Almost a month later and I can share with assurance, Suzy has fit right into our little tribe of cats. She has given Stewart a friend and confidant, as the three older cats do not like him very much nor play with him. Suzy is loved by all of the animals in our household.

She has great personality and talks a lot! I have never owned a cat before who has so many things to say… She has an opinion and she is not afraid to tell you for sometimes up to ten minutes a conversation. I am glad she is part of our family.

(I will give more of an update later this week. How are things going in your lives?)

Yours in Panama!


P.S. And thanks honey for letting me adopt Suzy-Q! I looooooove you!