The Greenhouse Project Begins Part 1

by Rose

It was in early April when I painstakingly dug up all the weeds with the help of one our workers in the newly designated area for our greenhouse.Here is the picture I had posted back then of the cleared weed-free greenhouse plot.

Cleared Greenhouse Plot

Then in late April we had placed cardboard over the entire 4,000 sq ft area to prevent weed growth and to encourage worm activity.  However, due to Steve’s work schedule and vacation, the project was set on the back burner. Unfortunately the cardboard boxes have almost all deteriorated and the vigorous grasses have come back in full force. (But there are lots of worms out there now!)

Weeds Have Taken Over

Look at all the weeds! All my hardwork for naught!

So yesterday Steve (bless his heart!) started the greenhouse project in full force. We started with the cutting of the bamboo to use as posts for the structure.  We will be using over 100 pieces of bamboo in this project.

Beautiful Bamboo

One of our beautiful bamboo forests– Bamboo is a wonderful renewable resource!

Cutting Bamboo

 Danilo cutting a bamboo tree, as Steve supports it


Moving the bamboo into a pile to move across the creek

Pulling Bamboo Up the Hill

Danilo and Constantino tying up the bamboo to the winch of the four wheeler (Can you see the border collie in this picture?)

Gettin Bamboo to the Garden

Steve pulling the bamboo up the hill and across a field to the greenhouse area

Pullling Bamboo on the ATV

My baby working up a sweat

Bamboo on the Truck

Some bamboo we harvested from another bamboo forest near the driveway

Will update you tomorrow of how the beginning of the construction of the greenhouse went today!

Orange Tree

The orange tree in front of the house has sweet juicy fruit right now

Delish Oranges

These taste so good squeezed fresh in carrot juice!

Well, good night my dears. Tomorrow we have a full work day ahead of us. We are trying to get the greenhouse 80% complete by the end of Friday.

I pray each and everyone of you all had a great day! (I know one of my dear cousins is, as she is celebrating her honeymoon on a cruise to Alaska! The best to you and your dear husband!)

Always yours- Rose