The Greenhouse Project (& The Plastic Dilemma) Part 2

by Rose

On Tuesday this week , we made good progress with Steve and our two workers, Danilo and Constantino. We got over 20 bamboo posts in around the edge of the greenhouse structure. The bamboo is approximately 4 – 6 inches in diameter and is very sturdy. Rain threatened, so we did not work past 8 1/2 hours.

Bamboo posts

The first bamboo posts are in

Posts in around the side

The posts are all in around the side of the structure (They are hard to see with the perimeter fence posts so close in the background)

We already see where we would have done somethings differently… It was recommended to use plastic on the end of the posts to help them last longer. We started out placing plastic around the ends of the posts and then I read it can actually have the reverse effect and cause earlier deterioration of the wood. Sigh. So we stopped doing that, so about half the posts have plastic. We knew it would be a learning curve and it sure has been!

On Wednesday, we got all the vertical posts of the greenhouse erected. We also had a third worker come and help us for the rest of the week.  I started digging up some of the weeds in the greenhouse area, as I am not using chemicals and I helped out the guys a little when I could. (The “litter” around and in the greenhouse area is the cardboard boxes, I had placed to help deter the weed growth.)

Greenhouse All Posts In

All vertical posts are in!

Working Hard

Starting to place the top rails on the vertical posts

Beautiful Soil n Worms

The soil here is rich and fertile– There were three worms in this handful of earth I scooped up!

On Thursday, we got all of the top rails finished and started putting up the roof supports.

Preparing the Bamboo

Preparing the vertical posts for the top rails

Up Goes the Top Rails

Placing the top rails

Roof Supports going Up

Placing the roof supports

View from the Pasture

A view of the greenhouse from the pasture

On Friday, we morning we finished the roof supports and prepared to place the plastic for the roof.

Roll out the Plastic Carpet

The ‘white plastic carpet’

We bought the plastic this week, after we had already started the greenhouse. We realized as we went to put it on and checked the measurements, that the plastic was a little narrow and would not cover an entire roof section from top to bottom. Ooops.

Too Narrow Plastic

Is the plastic too narrow or is the roof too wide? Houston– We have a problem! See our dilemma?

We tried to figure out a way to get the plastic up, but could not think of a good way to do it, which made sense because of the shortage of material. The plastic is big and heavy because of that it is hard to keep square and keep pulled tight at the same time. We ended up taking all of the plastic until we know exactly what we are doing.

We are sending out appeals of help to our neighbors and locals, who have had experience in this– to help us come up with a workable plan. Until then, my planting of all of my packets of heirloom non-GMO vegetables will be on hold.

We are resting up today and tomorrow going to the local rodeo down the lane. It is a big event this weekend with cowboys from all over the province and even as far as Colon!

I pray all of you have a wonderful weekend.

Yours as always~Rose

P.S. I received fantastic news in regards to a new venture I am starting! I am very excited and will share more about that in the next couple of months.

P.S.S. I love my husband and all the work he put into the greenhouse this week. He was very disappointed over not being able to finish it for me, but really dear one– it is not a big deal! Remember we are in Panama now, manana! No problema!

My dear husband