A Weekend in Volcan and the Cablagata

by Rose

Last weekend Steve and I finally escaped the farm and stayed in the nearby town of Volcan.  It was exciting for us to think after two years of being in Panama, we were finally having our first mini-break! We made reservations at one of the local bed and breakfasts– the Volcan Lodge– which also has a small restaurant downstairs with excellent food. We were shown generous hospitality by the owner–Jorge and his lovely wife Vicky.

On Saturday afternoon we explored some of the roads in the area and visited Janson Coffee Farm with several members of the local Saddle Club.

Volcan CountrysideThe beautiful countryside of Volcan

Steve n ChispitaSteve and his horse Chispita

ExlporingExploring a road near the stable where we boarded our horses for the weekend

Some of the Saddle ClubHeading to Janson Coffee Farm with four other members of the Saddle Club


Near Janson Coffee FarmThe hills surrounding Janson Coffee Farm

GeneGene and his handsome steed

Janson Coffee FarmA building at the farm

A View From the Coffee ShopA view from the coffee shop

PentecostsEnjoying a cup of hot coffee and intriguing conversation with the Pentecosts

The next morning, we went over to the stables to get our horses ready for the cablagata. A cablagata is a procession of riders on horseback. They are popular in Panama and other Latin American countries to celebrate holidays, birthdays or other important occasions. This cablagata celebrated Volcan and some surrounding communities, becoming their very own district– Tierras Atlas, instead of the district of Bugaba. Very exciting news for Volcan!!! We are happy for all of you!

PrisionEmma getting sprung from jail…. Now Emma –what did you do that they put you in here and out of the pasture…?

Bath timeThe stable hand washing Emma

ListaThe Queen of the Parade is dressed and ready

Mr Shipley

Mr Shipley on his gorgeous paint

A few horses waitingSome of the horse waiting for the festivities to begin

AndalusiansSome beautiful Andalusian horses that pulled up near us

The parade line upThe parade line up begins

MoreMore horses in position and ready to go

CablagataThe Cablagata begins! People line the streets to watch the procession

The CowboysThe proud cowboys and cowgirls

Some of our friendsSome of our friends from the Saddle Club ride with us

More CowboysThe streets are filled with over a thousand riders

The saddle clubSome of the Saddle Club who did not ride or who ended their ride early

BandaraI asked if I could hold the flag — Districto de Volcan— Yiiiiiii- Yaaaaa!

I hope everyone had a great week. We did! Very busy on the farm working on our new project. Did not get as far ahead as we wanted, but should have it done by next month. Poco a poco. (Little by little)

And the good news is there were no current snake sightings!

Much love to you all, dear family and friends–

Rose & Steve

P.S. There is suspicions that Emma could be pregnant… and by her son. (Big sad sigh) We have calls out to the vet, but maybe he was out of town this week… Will keep you all posted.

For more information about the Volcan Lodge: http://www.volcanlodge.webs.com/

To learn more about Janson Coffee Farm: http://www.jansoncoffee.com/