A Little About Us

Wanting to escape the busy life and keeping up with the Joneses, have made our
our escape to Central America

Our first thought to live a more simple lifestyle is when in March 2008, Smith and I took an impulsive trip to San Pedro Town, Ambergris Caye, Belize. I had got a bee in my bonnet, I was heading somewhere “warm, tropical and with beautiful clear blue waters“, like the islands you watch on House Hunter International or the pictures you see in Travel magazine.

 We spent ten tranquil carefree days, strolling the island by foot and bicycle and snorkeling in the sparkling blue waters. We made friends with several of the islanders and loved the easy carefree enthusiasm of the people we met. We also noted the “gringos” who had made the decision to make  this beautiful island their home.

Everything seemed so simple. We saw but a couple of trucks on our time on the island. Everyone rode in golf carts or bicycles or traveled on foot. Everyone seemed to wear a smile on their face and the native islands exuded kindness and extended friendship.

It was in Belize the seed was planted for simplicity, for spending more family time and for being surrounded by the beauty of the Almighty’s creation.

In January of 2010, we made a visit to Panama to see my parents, whom had moved there four years prior. It was the first visit we had made to their new home on 27 acres in the beautiful mountains of Panama.

Their vision was to raise up their farm to become self-sufficient and to make a small income besides. At the time, they had several sheep, two goats and one horse. They also extended the offer to Smith and I to join them, to work beside them and one day build our own home here.

We had fallen in love with the raw tropical beauty of the mountainside; the winding country dirt lanes, clean clear rippling streams, the noisy squawking of the parrots as they flew overhead, the majestic beauty of the rugged volcano that could be seen on mornings, the small brightly colored cinder block homes tucked under the lush forest greenery, the dark-skinned gentlemen riding on horses, the native workers walking through the green pastures.

So for almost two years, we went back to the states and worked and saved and worked and saved some more… We also spent all our free time, buying items for my parents off of Craigslist for their home and farm and for our future home. It was a time of preparing, praying, plotting and dreaming.

And here we are… two months since our arrival to Panama.

We have a clear vision for the farm:

    • The raising  of goats, sheep and cows-selling goat milk, goat cheese and meat sheep and cows to our local community. We also have plans for building proper greenhouses, to grow our own vegetables and also to sell at the local farmer’s market.
    • We will continue to assist the poor rural children, families and widows around us with food and their other needs, as we are so blessed to be able to give back to them. (Learn to do good. Seek justice. Help the oppressed. Defend the cause of orphans.  Fight for the rights of widows. Isaiah 1:17)
    • We have a long-term dream of housing a small orphanage here or to be able to foster children here have lost their parents and/or whom have been abandoned because of the being born with HIV.

We invite you to read along as we pen our adventures in this blog (Just accept our invitation at the bottom of our blog to follow along!), we will share with you as we learn about raising animals, organic gardening and the beauty and challenges of living in another country.

If you any of you feel it in your heart and would like to donate to a family or a child or a widow in this poor rural community or to our farm, please contact us. (See our “Giving Back” page for more information)

I also am trying to find the best way to keep up the selling of my earrings and jewelry and 10% of all proceeds from my jewelry, will go back to the local community. (See my “Jewelry” page for more information.)

We love all of our friends and family back home. You are in our thoughts and our prayers.

Blessings to you one and all,


Beautiful Baru