Giving Back

10% of all our income goes to the local poor rural community in Chiriqui Province.

It goes to the poor children, families and widows in our local neighborhood. At this time it is given in a monthly allotment, as rice and beans (staple foods of all Panama) and spaghetti noodles to the families with the greatest need. (There is one widow who cares for a disabled son, who wears adult diapers and an allotment of diapers is given to this family.)

My parent’s have also assisted in the past with buying roofing and concrete blocks for housing and also assisting in fixing people’s homes.

Also if a homeless person is seen when we are in town, we donate soap, socks, food-which we carry with us in our vehicles.

I do not say these things with pride or to boast, but I am sharing with you in a real way, how we are seeing our tithes and offerings go back to people in need. I also share this so, for if the Lord places it in your heart to give back to a real person with a real need, you may contact us and we can help make that happen.

A Local Need

Friends and Family may we introduce to you, Carlos

(Here is Carlos walking home from school)

Smith and I have it in our hearts to buy a bicycle for a little boy named Carlos. He walks a good five miles each way to the best school in this area. (The local school which is nearest his home, has a teacher that does not always show up to teach and the locals are not impressed with her teaching abilities from what is said.)

When we can and are heading his direction in the truck, we give him a ride and if we are driving the opposite direction, we give him a piece of candy or one time a little bag of almonds. He always gives us a winning big smile and a heartfelt “Gracia”.

Carlos always seems happy. He and his family live in a wooden shack (not everyone can afford to build a cinder block home). He told me he has four brothers and three sisters. He is the youngest child. His father has a horse for transportation (which is not uncommon in Panama, many people cannot afford a vehicle and its maintenance. People in the country walk or ride their horses to where they can catch a bus or taxi.)

(Hey Senora Rose, Why are you taking my picture…???)

(Oh phooey, I just missed  capturing his beautiful smile on camera…!)

(Steve tried to get Carlos to smile again… Well this is what we got…! Lol. Gotta love it!)

With all faith, Smith and Rose

P.S. If anyone has any Christian and/or devotional materials in Spanish that you would want to send us, please let us know.

Learn to do good.

 Seek justice.

Help the oppressed.

 Defend the cause of orphans. 

 Fight for the rights of widows.

Isaiah 1:17